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Welcome to the 2020 London Travel & Accommodation Guide, featuring a comprehensive directory of luxury hotels, budget hotels, youth hostels, homeless shelters and homelessness charities in the UK capital city and its suburbs.

We’ll help you find your ideal short-term place to stay, whether you’re in town this week on business, simply trying to put a roof over your head for the night, or are casually visiting to enjoy the nightlife, shopping and theatres that make London such a famous city around the globe.

Budget Hotels ££

Luxury Hotels5-Star Hotels ☆☆☆☆☆

Luxury Hotels4-Star Hotels ☆☆☆☆

3-Star Hotels ☆☆☆

Green Rooms is a 3-star Wood Green based hotel that provides affordable rooms and discounted accommodation for artists; you can book a room at the London establishment on the contact number featured on our page.

2-Star Hotels ☆☆

The Park Hotel is a guest house with a 2-star hotel rating, providing a great option for anyone who is looking to stay in the Pimlico area of London, and would like to be in walking distance of landmarks such as Westminster Abbey.

Hostels ££

We also have the contact phone number for Via Limehouse hostel if you would like to book an affordable group dormitory room for your or your party of guests during a visit to the UK capital.

Charities ♡

For instance, our database includes the freephone contact number for Centrepoint, ideal for anyone looking to sponsor a room in one of their London hostels.

Crisis is a popular homeless charity that has operations both in London and throughout the UK, you should call their freephone supporter services contact number to make a change to your current subscription plan.

St Mungo’s is a charity that sends outreach teams to assist homeless people both in London and throughout the UK, you should phone their main contact number for enquiries about donations and fundraising.

The StreetLink contact number is also useful for anyone who would like to report someone who is sleeping rough so that the charity can send an outreach team to assist them.