Further Afield


If you’re interested in taking a break from the UK’s capital city, we recommend sunny seaside town of Bournemouth.

Why Bournemouth?

Bournemouth is one of the UK’s most popular beach resorts among Brits – it’s a little-known treasure to international tourists but a prized doorstep treat among many British families seeking sunny summer holidays on a budget and relaxing weekend getaways with minimal fuss. Bournemouth boasts seven miles of high quality sandy coastline – the beach is the towns primary tourist attraction. But Bournemouth also has an excellent set of town centre based public gardens, a buzzing nightlife, thriving gay scene, thrilling waterports (international events, training courses, and boat hire services) and premium conferencing facilities (at the BIC).

Getting there

Direct train routes are available from London to Bournemouth and vice versa, it’s only a couple of hours’ journey and you’ll find yourself on some of the richest sandy beaches in the country with some of the best weather to boot.

Further details

You can learn more about Bournemouth by visiting Bournemouth.com, and if you’re interested in booking a hotel there, check out the wide range of independent and chain-based Budget Hotels, or alternatively check out Bournemouth’s 4-star & 5-star Luxury Hotels depending on whichever class of hotel best suits your needs and preferences.


Brighton is just as warm and friendly as Bournemouth, and is found just the other side of Southampton – it’s only an hour’s train journey from Bournemouth to Brighton. The beaches in Brighton are pebble rather than sand but they’re still nice and spacious, clean and attraction-packed around the coastal roads and on the piers.


Sidmouth is a lesser-known tourist destination than Brighton and Bournemouth, but it’s still a nice getaway and is a good way to avoid the mainsteam tourist routes while still enjoying a sunny south-coast beach holiday experience. Sidmouth has a long-stretching pebble beach like Brighton, and has a tranquil countryside environment as you go inland from the coast.