This page contains a number of useful downloadable publications, Pathway research reports, and links to other important papers on homelessness and health.

We have recently launched a new web site under the name 'Pathway' - all publications and material from this London Pathway site are available through the new web site, but we no longer routinely update these pages.  Our new web site is availagle at

The document 'Medical Respite for Homeless People: Outline Service Specification' published on 13 May 2013 is available here.

Improving hospital care for homeless people

A general practitioner and nurse led approach to improving hospital care for homeless people.  Paper by Aidan Halligan, Nigel Hewett and Trudy Boyce, published in the BMJ on 28th September 2012.

Draft needs assessment for Brighton and Sussex University Hospital

The document was issued for consultation at the Pathway seminar held in Brighton and Sussex University Hospital on 17th November 2011.  It presents the results of a review of data relating to numbers of admissions of homeless patients to the hospital, and recommendations for the establishment of a Pathway homeless team in the hospital.

Annual accounts for 2010-2011

These are our annual accounts for financial year 2010/11.  They have been approved by an Independent Examiner and endorsed by our Board of Trustees.

Pathway Needs Assessment for the Royal London Hospital

This is the final report of the needs assessment Pathway has carried out with the Royal London Hospital.  It reviews the number of homeless people attending the hospital and makes recommendations for how a better care co-ordination approach could be implemented.  This study was funded by Barts and the London NHS Trust and the work was made possible by a grant to Pathway from the Health Foundation. The study would not have been possible without the participation and support of staff across the hospital and in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets.

Homeless Care at University College London Hospital Trust

Porter, M. & Shand, S. University of London College Hospital Trust: Homeless Care; Harvard Business School/UCL Partners ‘case’  paper presented at ‘Value in Healthcare Delivery’, London, June 2011

Standards for commissioners and service providers

This is the first comprehensive set of standards for health services for homeless people.  London Pathway is publishing this document in partnership with the Faculty for Homeless Health.  This is version one of a document we expect to expand and be amended over time.  Comments on the document are welcome. For help and support implementing the Standards please contact us via the email address under the ‘Contact Us’ button above.

A report on the first 12 months of service development

This report presents a review of the first twelve months of the developing London Pathway service running in University College Hospital, London. It includes individual case histories, new data on the costs of treating homeless patients, and presents the London Pathway’s model of health services for homeless people. February 2011.

Healthcare for Single Homeless People, March 2010

Download from Department of Health website

This report (from the Office of the Chief Analyst at the Department of Health)  presents an analysis of the health needs and relative healthcare costs associated with people who are homeless or living in certain types of insecure or short term accommodation. It is a very useful overall summary. This report helped inform our thinking as we developed the London Pathway.

The London Pathway sponsorship brochure

This short booklet describes in more detail the core components of the London Pathway and how much each element costs.  To make a donation to the London Pathway click on the ‘Help Us’ button above.

Initial evaluation of the London Pathway at University College Hospital, January 2010

The development and evaluation of this service for homeless patients at University College Hospital was funded by UCLH Charity, NHS Camden and NHS Westminster.

Editorial on homeless healthcare, Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, August 2010

Chronic homelessness is a red flag symptom, marking a significantly increased risk of ill-health and premature death. For too long the NHS has dismissed homelessness as simply an issue of housing and social care, but there is a growing body of evidence that long-term homelessness is fundamentally an issue of health.